The Nieuwoudt Family Presents, NIEUW BREW, Cederberg based craft brewery.

Previously known as Ceder Brew.

We are the first microbrewery based in the Cederberg. The farm Kromrivier, located in the heart of the Cederberg, has been home to the Nieuwoudts for 7 generations.

The current family thought it a good time to start brewing beer!
Made from malt, top quality hops, yeast and exceptional Cederberg water or 'soetwater' – as the Namaqualanders call it.

We are proud to present to you our passion for beer!


 Winners of the following awards:   

Signature Range

Galaxias Blonde


Light bitterness and malitiness. Tropical fruit aromas.

The Chubbyhead Stout

Dry Stout

A light bodied, rich in flavour, ‘Guiness’-type dry stout with hints of toasty chocolate.

The Sandfish Weiss

You say Barley, We say Wheat!

A slightly sour, slightly tart, light Weiss beer. Another great summer beer!

The Catfish Ale

An English Pale Ale

A lovely fruity ale with a well rounded bitterness makes for an excellent summer beer.

Farm Range

Sarie Marais

The Cherry Blonde

Dominated cherry on the nose and in taste. Don’t let the colour fool you, this is a beer in every right.

Jan Pampoen Ale

Spicy Pumpkin Ale

Light, refreshing pumpkin flavour with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and vanilla

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